Junior Clubs Presentation to Mr E. Roderick:

April 19th 1968

At the Jersey Cup final on Monday, Mr Eric Roderick, local football administrator for more than 36 years, was the surprised recipient of a gift from the junior clubs in the Bicester area. This took the form of a silver rose bowl, inscribed as follows: - “Presented to E. Roderick, Esq., by clubs in membership, in recognition of his services to football in Division 1V.”

After 27 years as Divisional Hon. Secretary of the Oxfordshire Football Association, Mr Roderick relinquished that office this year, to be succeeded by Mr Charles Rawlings, whose idea it was to invite the clubs to make some recognition of his predecessor’s service to junior football in the area for many years.

At Monday’s presentation, Mr Rawlings paid tribute to the work of Mr Roderick on behalf of the clubs in the area, extending over some 27 years, and 23 of them as Hon. Secretary of the Mid-Oxon Junior League, now managed by the Jersey F.A.. He said he had met with a most ready response from the clubs in showing their appreciation in some tangible form.

Asking Mr Roderick’s acceptance of the silver rose bowl, Mr Ernie Siggers, a member of the Jersey F.A. Executive Council, and Hon. Secretary of Steeple Aston F.C., also paid tribute to the active interest taken in junior football by Mr Roderick, with whom, he said he had been associated in soccer administration in the area over a period of many years.

Expressing his thanks to the clubs, Mr Roderick said he appreciated the thought behind the gift. Although he had now relinquished some offices, he had been associated with football too long to want to lose interest. He would always retain his interest in football in the area. Mr Roderick holds a remarkable record of long service to football. Associated with Bicester Town F.C. for over 36 years, he held office as Hon. Secretary for 21 years; and has been President for the past 18 years. Appointed to the Oxon F.A. in 1940, he has been Divisional Hon. Sec. Up to this year, he was Mid-Oxon Junior League Hon. Secretary for 23 years. He is Vice-President of the Oxon Football Association, and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Council. Last year he relinquished office as Chairman of the Lord Jersey F.A., after 21 years, and is now a life Vice-President. For 30 years he was Hon Secretary of the Bicester Sports Cup competition.

Appointed to the Committee of Trustees of the Bicester Sports Association in 1947, Mr Roderick has always been actively interested in the Sports Ground, being appointed Hon. Secretary of the Association in 1949 up to the formation of the Tenant Clubs Ground Management Committee some four or five years ago. He is still Hon. Sec. Of the Trustees Committee

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