21 April, 2003 at Bicester Town Sports Ground

Cropredy FC (2) 2 -  Fritwell FC (0) 0

Referee: A Hillsdon Linesmen: A Hodges C Lacey

Cropredy FC: C Lowe G Cox J Rodda(c) S Ryan I Poole I Crocker P Beckham R Shaw R Holmes S Wilson C Douglas, S Hobbs T Vickers, T Beckham C Shore, B Darvell D Loveridge, M Davis (Manager)

Cropredy FC Scorers: G Cox 1 J Rodda 1

Fritwell FC: D Spencer A Hodges J King B Joyce K Bush G Kimber T Gordon M Shaw D Kimber J Clark, A Holland S Risbridger G Star, T Honour A Spencer, P Cryton

Fritwell FC Scorers: 


The time is 1.30pm on this sunny April afternoon. The location is Alex Lawrie Factors, the meeting place of Cropredy Football Clubs first team players. The destination Bicester Town Football Club and the Lord Jersey Cup Final. History in the making for this sleeping giant of Football clubs. A short trek up the M40 and through the gates of the Town ground, united together in their collar, ties and specially designed jackets. First to leave their boots in the changing rooms, then to walk and sample the pitch.

2.45pm, Cropredy & Fritwell take to the pitch for a 3pm kick off, it is only at this point that the players realise just how many relatives and friends are here to support them. Mr Hillsdon blows his whistle to start the game, Fritwell kick off and with a slight breeze in the air both teams show that they are nervous of this great occasion. The distribution from both teams lacking conviction, a few miss timed challenges and passes going astray. With both teams creating half shooting opportunities at goal it was C.F.C that took the initiative a 1, 2 from a throw in gave Gary Cox the chance to deliver a cross, come shot with wind assistance sailed straight into the back of the net, 25 minutes gone. The next highlight of the game for Cropredy was when with 10 minutes to go before half time, Fritwell conceded a corner and C.F.C. sent up the big guns. A pin point cross from Ian Crocker found the head of Chris Douglas at the far post, diverting the ball back across the goal where James Rodda rose majestically to power the ball into the back of the net, leading the way like a true captain. Very few more chances occurred with half time looming.

The second half under way and Cropredy pressed on and used their 2 wingers to their full potential, both Ryan Holmes and Ian Crocker supplying good service to Shaun Wilson and Chris Douglas. The battle in the middle of the field being a brave tussle by both teams, but Paul Beckham and Wilf Shaw coming out on top for C.F.C. on most occasions. The defence of Cropredy, being Cox, Rodda, Ryan and Poole playing their regular solid game and standing tall. The Fritwell forwards always pressing, but to no avail. With 2 goals conceded Fritwell changed their game plan to pressure C.F.C even more, but with a couple of fine saves from Chloe the Cat, and the introduction of fresh legs from Tony Vickers and Barry Darvell Cropredy ran the clock down and with little injury time to play, Mr Hillsdon blew the final whistle to rapturous applause and cheers from the C.F.C faithful supporters.

After short celebrations from the winning team Mr Derek Hirons concluded the speeches by awarding Fritwell F.C. their runners up medals, James Rodda captain and Man of the Match for C.F.C. his medal and then the prestigious and highly acclaimed Lord Jersey Cup to the winners Cropredy Football Club. Spirits and celebrations were running high in the C.F.C. camp but commiseration’s go out to Fritwell F.C., both teams shared the food that Cropredy’s wives had bought with them in the club house after the game and reflected on the days proceedings. Everyone agreed ‘ oh what a day’.

History being created as newly crowned Lord Jersey Cup Winners
Cropredy Football Club first to win under new amalgamation.

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