8 April, 1988 at Bicester Town Sports Ground

Ardley United (1) 3 -  Heyford Athletic (0) 0

Referee: D. Jackson Linesmen: Unknown

Ardley United: W. Beasley J. Hodges S. Barker I. Gow, C. Starrett K.Dallaway (c) O. Davies I. Hawtin C. Winstone M. Smethurst. G. Brock. R. Porter

Ardley United Scorers: C. Winstone 2 M. Smethurst. 1

Heyford Athletic: P. Jeacock C. McPhee A. Jupp J.D. Varney, N. Brock B. Varney G. Sansome M. Jeacock N. Falkner M. Smith J. Webb A. Alder

Heyford Athletic Scorers: 


The Centenary Cup Final had some added attractions for the Easter Monday crowd at Bicester. Bicester Brass Band played, and the seventh Earl of Jersey was represented by his son Viscount Villiers, and grandchildren, William, Helen, and Luciana. While this would have been traditional 50 years ago, the video cameras around the ground were a novelty.

The final teams, Ardley United, and Heyford Athletic were presented to Viscount Villiers, Jersey President Monty Hawes, Chairman Ron Hayes and Vice Chairman Dickie Offord, and young William kicked off the match.

At half time, a photograph was taken of some of the Jersey medal holders at the match with the centenary cake, which was handed out to all the children at the ground.

In between watching football, there was an exhibition of Jersey history in the club hall to look at. For everyone, the most important events were on the field, where three times losers Ardley were again favourites, but underdogs Heyford were well supported.

Heyford got off to a good start, playing uphill and against the sharp wind, and gained a corner within minutes. When Ardley went forward their shots were off target, and a long midfield struggle looked possible. Then Ardley were awarded a free kick on the right, Gary Brock hit it for Clive Winstone to volley a good opening goal.

Once Ardley were in front they were able to rest on defensive qualities. Their first touch became surer, and they controlled the rest of the half. Heyford were still optimistic that they could turn the score around at half time.

In the second half, Heyford’s Gary Sansome and Barry Varney battled for the midfield, But Ardley’s experienced Ian Gow and Sean Barker gobbled up the final ball and chances were few. When Ardley attacked, they found John Varney in form at the heart of the Heyford defence.

Then Ardley scored again. Brock passed to martin Smethurst, whose cross bent away from the goalkeeper, and Winstone, who battled for everything, headed the ball home. It was a killer goal for Heyford. When Winstone slipped the ball to Martin Smethurst to run in and make it 3-0, an Ardley victory was assured.

Ardley’s Keith Dallaway stepped up to receive the cup from Viscount Villiers, who congratulated both teams for the game on this special occasion.

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