29 April, 1924 at Bicester Sports Ground

Kirtlington (0) 0 -  Launton (1) 2

Referee: J. Dance Linesmen: Unknown

Kirtlington: W. Scarrott C. King A. East P. East A. Giles E. Palmer Jennings J. Enser G. Loft G. Wickson F. Loft

Kirtlington Scorers:

Launton: D. Osborne G. Carter T. Ancil H. Foster Deeley C. Simons J. Jeacock W. Jeacock C. Jeacock Marriott T. Cox

Launton Scorers:  C. Jeacock 1 Marriott 1

The re-played Jersey league final took place at Bicester on Wednesday, when there was again a thousand spectators. Play was certainly much better than on Saturday, and was of a real cup-tie order. Mr J. Dance was again the referee.

The start was delayed twenty minutes from the time advertised. Launton won the toss, but Kirtlington were first to attack. F Loft got in a good centre, but Carter cleared, then Giles on the opposite wing tried a shot which was also cleared. Launton then had a turn but "Baggy" was checked and the ball returned to the Launton end. Kirtlington were pressing for a time without being dangerous, their forwards being poor shooters though playing well in midfield. Launton attacked and C. Jeacock had a run in which he got past several players, but the ball bounced awkwardly and he could not get a proper shot in so the ball rolled behind. This was hard luck for him as he had worked through nicely. A hot attack by Kirtlington nearly brought about a goal Osbourne, however saved. Kirtlington were awarded a free kick, but Palmer placed the ball hopelessly wide. Deeley, quite a youngster, was at centre half for Launton, and it was some time before he could settle down, so G. Loft the Kirtlington centre often had more rope than ordinary. A lot of kick and rush tactics was indulged in for a time, play being uninteresting. An attack by Launton was repulsed and a Kirtlington attack was also cleared. C. and J. Jeacock then indulged in a bout of passing, but Scarrott rushed out and cleared. Marriott put in a centre, but Cox put behind. J. Jeacock then dribbled the ball down the field, getting past the defence, but Scarrott rushed out and both players fell, the ball rolling slowly towards goal. C. Jeacock dashed up and tapped the ball into the net to give Launton the lead after 25 minutes play.

From the kick-off Launton pressed, and "Baggy" was brought down just outside the penalty area. Jack Jeacock took the kick, but Scarrott saved finely. Osbourne then muffed a shot from G. Loft and the ball was eventually cleared. Launton attacked, and Marriott on the right got in a good shot which Scarrott saved at the expense of a corner, from which J. Jeacock headed over. Giles next put the ball behind. Throw-ins were the order for a period, the ball being continually put out, causing the game to be uninteresting. Jack Jeacock had another run, but was stopped by Palmer, and F. Loft sent in a beauty, but Simons dashed up and cleared. Giles again put behind, this player's shooting being very weak. Half-time arrived, Launton 1 - 0.

Play opened very quietly in this half. W. Jeacock had hard luck with a shot while at the other end F. Loft put behind. G. Loft then shot over the bar, and W. Jeacock forced a corner, which was cleared. G. Loft got through, but he stepped on the ball and fell, and Ancil cleared. Simons then sent Marriott through, but Scarrott saved his final shot. F. Loft, who had gone inside-left, had hard luck soon after, with a shot which missed the post by inches, Carter having miskicked and the goalie out, Simons tried a long shot, Scarrott saved, J. Jeacock was robbed, and Wickson put behind. Launton forced three corners in succession, but nothing resulted. W. Jeacock gave Scarrott some trouble with a hot shot from the left, and C. Jeacock also gave him one to save in fine style. More kicking out was then indulged in, so that the game was often dull. A. East then went centre, but could do no good, Launton holding the upper hand. However, Kirtlington had a spell of attacking, but their forwards could not shoot, and passed the ball when might have shot. Carter stopped East, and gave to J. Jeacock, who, making ground, tried a shot. Five minutes from time, Marriott scored. J. Jeacock worked through and shot, the ball hitting a defender and rolling to Marriott who lobbed it over a defender's head, the ball hitting the far post and going in. This was a fine goal, it being a hard task for Marriott to put the ball over a defender and goalie's head. This was the end for Kirtlington, and except for a run by Marriott nothing further of note happened, and so Launton won 2 - 0.

At the conclusion of the match the cup was presented to C. Jeacock, the Launton captain, by Capt. Adrian-Falconer, who congratulated the team on its victory. Jeacock expressed the hope that Kirtlington would win the cup next year. Wickson, of Kirtlington, called for cheers for the victors, and a similar complimentwas paid to the losers. Afterwards the Marsh Gibbon band played for dancing.

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