25 April, 1924 at Bicester Sports Ground

Kirtlington (1) 1 -  Launton (0) 1

Referee: J. Dance Linesmen: Unknown

Kirtlington: W. Scarrott C. King A. East P. East A. Giles E. Palmer J. Edgington J. Enser G. Loft G. Wickson F. Loft

Kirtlington Scorers: C. Jeacock 1

Launton: D. Osborne G. Carter T. Ancil H. Foster A. Jeacock C. Simons J. Jeacock H. Penn, C. Jeacock C. Hughes T. Cox

Launton Scorers:  Wickson 1

As was stated at the distribution of the tombola prizes on Saturday, it is surprising what co-operation can do. On Saturday, on the Bicester Sports ground, there was the Jersey Cup final between Launton and Kirtlington, a league match between Bicester and Railway Sports, and then the tombola. The Marsh Gibbon band enlivened the proceedings with their music. The attendance at both matches was a record for the ground, both "gates" exceeding 20.

There were well over a thousand people at the Jersey Cup final, the first time it has ever been played at Bicester. Unfortunately, the football was of a very poor order. Launton had W. Jeacock on the sick list, and A. Jeacock was almost a passenger throughout. The forwards did show a little bit of combination, but shot badly; whilst Kirtlington had a hard working defence, and a useless set of forwards, whose only idea was to slam the ball forward, and trust providence.

Launton had the better of the elements in the first half. They at once forced a corner, but the Kirtlington left retaliated, the extreme winger shooting behind. Then good work by P. East, Kirtlingtons best player, had a surprising effect. He swung the ball to G. Loft, who gave to Wickson, and the latter sent in a shot. Osborne stopped the ball on the line, but apparently allowed it to roll over, for the referee was emphatic in awarding a goal.

On resuming Kirtlington had a player injured, and he was off the field for some time, Kirtlington defended gamely. J. Jeacock got across some good centres, but, on the other hand, he often tried to do too much and lost the ball. One of his shots was punched by the goalie to Penn who placed behind. Next Kirtlington had a spell of attacking, and F. Loft put over. C. Jeacock was stopped by the Kirtlington defender as he was about to shoot. This player was too well marked throughout to get very dangerous. Then a good centre by J. Jeacock was met by C. Jeacock, who equalised the scores, the ball striking the post before entering the net.

There was very little good play before the interval, and either side got really dangerous. Once C. King took the ball well up the field, but when he passed to his forwards, the whistle went for offside. Penn came the nearest to scoring for Launton. Half-time came with the score : - Kirtlington 1; Launton 1.
The first thing of note in the second half was a fine shot by J. Jeacock, which was well saved by Scarrott. Kirtlington then attacked, but Wickson was too slow, and Ancil dashed in and cleared. F. Loft next got in a good shot, which Osborne fisted away. Hughes next shot, and the Kirtlington goalie ran with the ball to the corner flag, and then kicked behind. Scarrott also saved shots from A. Jeacock and Penn. C. Jeacock next got through, and gave the ball to Hughes, who placed behind. Launton still attacked, and King handled inside the area. J. Jeacock took the kick, and though the ball was well placed Scarrott brought off a brilliant save. The ball came back to Jeacock, and again Scarrott saved, amidst loud cheering.

From this let-off Kirtlington made a strong attack, but eventually A. Jeacock relieved the pressure, and C. Jeacock forced a corner, from which Kirtlington forwards got away. F. Loft's centre went past several of the forwards to Simons, who cleared. Hughes centred well, for Penn to shoot in, but King got his head to the ball. Then Kirtlington got a corner, which proved of no avail. In the closing stages the players appeared to have had sufficient. Once Carter miskicked, but recovered in time to clear. Full time came with the score 1 - 1.
An extra half-hour was played. Kirtlington, against the wind, had the major portion of the play, but were never dangerous. In the second portion Launton were the more dangerous. C. Jeacock put in the only real shot of the match which just missed the target. Then the Kirtlington right back handled just inside the area. C. Jeacock took the kick, but his effort lacked sting, and once again Scarrott saved. As this player's usual position is centre-forward Kirtlington supporters must have felt elated at the change which had been made. Then in the last minute Kirtlington might have scored. The ball was centred from the right. Osborne came out, and Wickson headed the ball over his head, but it dropped on the bar. The whistle went with the score still standing at 1 - 1.

The teams and officials were entertained to tea at the White Hart, when arrangements were made for the replay on the following Wednesday. The Kirtlington steward made no attempt to carry out his duties at the match; he appeared to be too interested in the game.

Football is Bicester's ideal game, Women crowd there, and men the same. The Jersey Cup final took place the other day, when Launton and Kirtlington had a display. A thousand people came to watch and saw an exciting well fought match "Well played Tom." And "Well kicked Bill" "Good old Jimmy, keep it up still." The people shouted, and the people cried, Hands, foul play, and offside. The Marsh Gibbon band at half-time played, When Oranges and Lemons were displayed.

Kirtlington was first to get a goal, then Launton tried with heart and soul and both sides struggled to get the ball. One poor fellow, a Launton chap, had a very bad knee, which gave a handicap, but he played jolly well, all the same, and wouldn't give up throughout the game. There was many a tumble, and many a fall, many a struggle, and fight for the ball until the whistle went loud and shrill. The goals were one all, one goal each still, and with the sound of a trumpet and beat of a drum, the people will flock to see the other one.

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