15 April, 1910 at Middleton Park

Middleton (0) 2 -  Ambrosden (0) 0

Referee: G.A. Tyler Linesmen: E.J. Kirtland E. Dancer

Middleton: W. Elkerton C. Shouler G. Elliott G. Varney J. Williams W. Golby W. Hughes J. Richardson J. Varney Albert Whetton J. Hughes

Middleton Scorers: J. Varney 1 W. Hughes 1

Ambrosden: T. Ivens A. Ingram R. Hickman A. Hepworth H. Philpot E. Turner T. East J. Hickman A. Warren E. Hickman R. Pankhurst

Ambrosden Scorers: 

Ambrosden and Middleton having qualified for the final of the Jersey League, the match was played last Saturday on neutral ground in Middleton Park. Mr G.A. Tyler, of Oxford, was the referee, the linesman being Messrs. E.J.Kirtland (Kirtlington) and E. Dancer (Kidlington).

Ambrosden won the toss, and gained the advantage of a considerable wind. They were soon down the field, and forced a corner, which was not improved upon. Ambrosden maintained the pressure for a time, and Warren was presented with an opening, but he failed to beat Elkerton. Soon after the same player handled the ball, and from the free kick Middleton went away, but the ball was sent behind. Warren gave a nice pass to Pankhurst, but Shouler got the ball and kicked back to Warren, who made for goal. He was going through and looked like scoring, but at the last was hustled off. Middleton had now found their feet, and gave the Ambrosden defence a warm time. Ivens saved two shots, and from another conceded a corner. Philpot took the ball down and gave to J. Hickman, who was checked in fine style by Elliott. Once a shot struck the upright with Elkerton out, and at another time East and Warren were in front of goal; both endeavoured to shoot, with the result that the ball went wide. Play continued fast, in favour of Ambrosden, till half-time, when the score remained :

Middleton 0, Ambrosden 0.

With the wind in their favour Middleton soon demonstrated their abilities, and Ivens was tested with several shots. J. Varney was always working for openings, and also fed his wing men well. After a combined move of the Middleton forwards J. Varney burst between the backs and shot hard. Ivens got to the ball, but could only partly stop it, and Middleton were one up.
Ambrosden were seen attacking, and but for the left wing being so weak they would have had a chance. Elkerton stopped a shot from Warren, and one from East, and after this the Ambrosden forwards could do nothing. Middleton pressed hard, and Ingram, instead of kicking, stopped the ball, and Whetton quickly sent across to the centre, where W. Hughes, was running in, beat Ivens with a capital shot.

Two up, Middleton still played well, and Ambrosden gradually dropped out of the picture, and at the call of time the score was :
Middleton 2, Ambrosden 0.


After the match the cup was presented to G. Elliott, the Middleton captain, by the Earl of Jersey. His Lordship remarked that it gave him great pleasure to once more see the final match. The game had been a very good one, and Ambrosden had tried hard to win. He hoped Ambrosden would be in the final another year. The game had been taken, as indeed everything should be taken, in a friendly spirit. His Lordship proposed thanks to the referee and other officials, and then handed the cup to Mr Elliott.
Mr Elliott said he was pleased that Middleton had won, and he thought the game had been a splendid one. Next to Middleton, he would rather see Ambrosden win the cup, as he thought they deserved it.

Cheers were given for the losers, Middleton, and Lord Jersey, and thus one more Jersey Cup final terminated.

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