12 April, 1907 at Middleton Park.

Middleton (0) 0 -  Deddington (0) 0

Referee: T. J. Horn Linesmen: G. Norridge J. Gurney

Middleton: G. Elliott C. Shouler A. Varney F. Varney J. Varney C. Hughes Arthur Whetton G. Lapper J. Williams Albert Whetton W. Renn

Middleton Scorers:

Deddington: P. Carvill T. Beesley L. Callow A. Hancox R. W. Bywater W. Grace J. Warren W. Hancox J. T. Coggins F. Valentine W. Beesley

Deddington Scorers: 

Under vastly different conditions was the final of the Jersey Cup again played on Saturday. On the former occasion the sun shone brightly throughout the game, but in the match under notice rain fell during the play. The game was played on the same ground as a fortnight ago, and the officials were Mr T. J. Horn (referee) and Messrs, Gurney and G. Norridge linesman).
There was a change of players in each team, which necessitated a re-arrangement of both elevens. Johnson was away from the Middleton team, and Valentine, the captain of last year, displaced Castle in the Deddington team.

Considering the weather conditions, the attendance was a large one. Deddington won the toss, and had the assistance of the wind during the first half. Play was very tame at the start, the players being excited and could not control the wet ball. Middleton pressed at the start, and there was a weakness at centre forward, but Williams subsequently improved, though this young player would do better to pay more attention to the ball than the man. Deddington then took up the attack, and several times looked like scoring, but the forwards were lamentably weak, holding the ball till they were robbed of it. At the other end Arthur Whetton got in a good centre, but the forwards had ran passed the ball, and Warren obtaining possession, ran to the other goal, but sent behind. Callow then checked Middleton's right wing, but directly afterwards the park team gained a corner, which was abortive. Coggins got through the Middleton defence, but hesitated, and the opportunity was lost. The Middleton backs were shaping much better than their opposing pair, of whom Valentine was very weak. A. Varney brought off a good clearance, following which Deddington gained a corner. Carvill was next visited, and Hughes shot in from a corner. For a lengthy period Middleton held the upper hand without exactly becoming dangerous. They were continually in the Deddington territory, with the exception of a breakaway and shot by W. Beasley. A free kick close in was cleared, and then Carvill saved shots from J. Varney and Renn. Arthur Whetton subsequently sent across the goal, but Renn failed to take advantage. Deddington now pressed and had hard lines in not scoring. Renn made headway on the Middleton left and centred, and Lapper almost succeeded in getting the ball past Carvill. The interval arrived with nothing having been scored.

Middleton, with the wind against them, had more of the game than their opponents. Deddington pressed on the re-start and Coggins nipped past Shouler, and put in a good shot, which Elliott saved. The Middleton defence were kept busy for a time, but the game gradually opened out, and Albert Whetton just missed scoring, after a good effort by the Middleton right wing. Lapper got through, but lacked pace, and directly afterwards J. Varney shot well, Carvill saving. The other end was now visited, W. Hancox just missing the posts with a hot shot. Warren was conspicuous for good play, but received little support from the other forwards. Just before time Middleton made a supreme effort, but failed to score, and the game so far was drawn, neither side having scored or deserved a goal.

The teams had the alternative of a third meeting or playing extra half-hour that day, and the captains decided on the latter. The home captain won the toss, and played with the wind. Deddington, as usual, quickly took to the Middleton goal, and forced a corner, which was cleared, and then the goalkeepers saved respectively from J. Varney and Warren. Carill was penalised for pushing Williams. The referee did not deem the offence sufficient for a penalty, and awarded a free kick, which was cleared amid loud cheers from the Deddington supporters, who were present in good numbers. Renn got in a good shot from a centre by A. Whetton, following which Williams just missed scoring.

The teams crossed over, and Deddington's hopes were raised by a brilliant run by Warren. A corner fell to them, which was cleared, and then followed the best bit of play in the match, the Deddington right taking the ball from the centre line, and Hancox finished up with a good shot. During the last three minutes Deddington were almost defeated. From a corner Hughes got in a stinger which missed by inches, and in the last minute Lapper had the chance of a life-time, but failed, and neither side scored.

The teams will thus hold the trophy six months each. Lord Jersey had great pleasure in handing the cup to Mr Warren, captain of the Deddington team for the next six months. If they found a rise in the price of silver, they must attribute it to the fact that twenty-two medals would be required that year. The teams had played two matches, without deciding which were the better. He was very glad that Deddington had tied with Middleton, and also glad that Middleton had tied with Deddington. Mr Warren made a brief speech, and then Mr Bennett, of Deddington, called for three cheers for Lord Jersey, which were heartily given. His Lordship called for cheers for the referee and linesman, who had given great satisfaction, and these were also given.

The teams were afterwards entertained to tea by his Lordship.

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