23 March, 1907 at Middleton Park.

Middleton (1) 1 -  Deddington (1) 1

Referee: T. J. Horn Linesmen: F. R. Mansfield J. Gurney

Middleton: T. Buckland C. Shouler A. Varney F. Varney J. Varney C. Hughes G, Elliott G. Lapper Arthur Whetton Albert Whetton W. Renn

Middleton Scorers: Albert Whetton 1

Deddington: P. Carvill T. Beesley L. Callow A. Hancox R. W. Bywater W. Grace J. Warren W. Hancox J. T. Coggins E. J. Castle W. Beesley

Deddington Scorers:  Castle 1

March 22nd 1907

For the Jersey Cup final to-morrow, the same two clubs - Middleton and Deddington - as last year will compete. Then Deddington won by two goals to one in a replay. There again is little to choose between the elevens, who will both be the same competed in the semi-final. Deddington are favourites, and the success they have gained thoughout this season has been well deserved, but Middleton are a team which never fails to do itself justice in a cup tie, and the result can by no means be assured.

The venue is Home Piece, Middleton Park, which is the ground on which the second match was played last year. Mr T. J. Horn will hold the whistle. Be it wet or fine, there is sure to be a large crowd, the Jersey Cup competition having aroused greater interest in late years.

Provided Deddington win to-morrow, they will be debarred from entering the competition next year, but may re-enter the following year.

March 29th 1907

There were quite a thousand people to witness the Jersey Cup final tie between Deddington and Middleton on neutral ground in Middleton on Saturday. Deddington were the favourites, but Middleton were at their best, and a draw of one goal each rather flatters the Deddingtonians. Certainly in the first half they had their full share of the game, but on the change over Middleton had quite three parts of the play.

Middleton were handicapped by the absence of Johnson, who could not play owing to indisposition. His place was taken by G. Elliott, who has been the custodian during the season. The veteran Varney - for he has played in the competition since 1885 - won the toss for Middleton, and chose that his opponents should have the sun in their faces. There was a slight wind, which, if anything, favoured Deddington. The Deddington forwards promptly bowled J. Varney over at the start, and took the ball to the Middleton goal, Shouler clearing. Then there was a series of throws-in on the Deddington left. Arthur Whetton followed with a good shot, and then Warren got away on the Deddington right, J. Varney putting an end to a dangerous situation. Deddington pressed, but the new ball rather nonplussed both teams for a while. The Middleton forwards changed the venue of the play, and Lapper tried hard to break through the Deddington defence, following which J. Varney put in a good shot, which the custodian caught. He was charged by an opponent, and a free kick resulted. Shouler had a run on his own, and Callow cleared with a neat overhead kick. Middleton tried a rush, and Carvill cleared J. Varney's shot, and then a quick return was made to the other end. Castle secured from a throw-in, and sent in a pot shot, which dropped in at the angle of the post and crossbar. Buckland arrested the ball in its flight, but failed to hold it, and the first goal of the match fell to Deddington. In subsequent play Beesley tried to emulate Castle's example, and Buckland was given some work to do. Several good movements were started on both sides, but were generally spoilt by off-sides. For a time there was nothing in the game, and then Deddington gained a free kick, when Callow just sent wide. Shouler swung in a centre, which was kicked behind, and Elliot also just failed to find the mark. At the other end Coggins missed an open goal. After this let-off Middleton pressed, and gained an abortive corner. The brothers Whetton both tried several shots. For a period Deddington held the upper hand, without being dangerous, and then Middleton had the vilest luck when Carvill failed to hold the ball, and the Deddington backs had run into each other. The ball went across goal, but no one could place it into the net. However, the Deddington citadel fell shortly afterwards. J. Varney obtained possession near the half-way line, and beat several opponents along the wing, finishing up with a good centre, from which Albert Whetton headed a beautiful goal. In the subsequent play to the interval Renn was conspicuous with some good runs and centres. The team crossed over, either side having scored once.

On changing over, Middleton at once gained a corner, which proved abortive, and W. Renn afterwards tested Carvill with a good shot. Good work by Warren and W. Hancox took the ball to the other end. Middleton gained another corner, from which Albert Whetton headed in and the goalkeeper punched out. In an attack on the Middleton goal, Shouler emerged triumphant. Neither side seemed able to get very near to scoring, though Carvill had many shots to stop. Buckland only had to kick away on two occasions. The second portion proved fruitless in the matter of scoring, and time was called with either side having obtained a goal. It was decided not to play extra time, and that the teams should meat again on Saturday week.

For the replay Middleton will probably have Johnson back again. C. Hughes failed to hold Warren, but he was scarely well enough to play, and may do better in the next match. Deddington certainly failed to reproduce their best form, so, though Middleton had the better of matters last Saturday, it does not follow that they will necessarily win in the second match. Deddington will, no doubt, play better, and Middleton should be stronger, so another good game may be looked forward to.

The Earl of Jersey entertained the teams to tea, and the Rev. W. Bryant (Deddington) asked Mr Johnson to convey the thanks of the Deddington team to his Lordship.

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