, 1903 at Middleton Park

Middleton Park (1) 1 -  King's Sutton (0) 0

Referee: T. Horn Linesmen: C. H. Grimsley W. Meadows

Middleton Park: T. Emberlin C. Shouler A. Varney T. Bliss A. Whetton Jones N. Draper M. Johnson J. Varney T. Priest Irving

Middleton Park Scorers: W. Wyatt (og) 1

King's Sutton: Sikes Twynham W. Wyatt G. Wyatt H. Wyatt Rev Guyton Dancer Reeves Mobley Mutch

King's Sutton Scorers: 

These old rivals met in the final round of the Jersey Cup on neutral ground in Middleton Park last Saturday, when there was a good attendance, despite the fact that the elements were not in a favouring mood. Middleton won the toss, and chose to have a assistance of a strong wind, which, however, did not blow straight down the field. The opening exchanges were even, and after Mutch had been given off-side Middleton attacked, and Johnson put behind. Mutch got away on the King�s Sutton left, and centred, but no one was up to meet it, and the leather was returned, when Shouler put in a shot. A foul was given against Sutton about twenty five yards from their goal mouth. Shouler was entrusted with the kick, and placed nicely to J Varney, who headed just behind. Middleton kept the ball in their opponents quarter, and ultimately gained a corner, from which Shouler shot over the bar. Draper was next conspicuous with a good centre, which W. Wyatt headed away, and then Irving was given off-side. Whetton received, and put in a long shot. W. Wyatt, in endeavouring to clear, turned the ball, which just went over the goal line. Sikes threw away, but the referee allowed the point, and this proved to be the


Despite a strong appeal against the decision by King�s Sutton. On the resumption, Mutch and Mobley got away on the left, but A. Varney cleared. Draper transferred operations with a good run and centre, which was met by J. Varney, who was ruled off-side. After good attempts by Priest and Johnson, the Sutton right wing took up the field, but Whetton was fouled. Then the left wing in turn had a run, and Mutch was again pulled up for infringing the off-side rule. Later Emberlin threw away, but was charged after he had got rid of the leather, and a free kick was awarded his team. This enabled Middleton to attack, and Johnson sent in a splendid shot, which fell just over the bar. The game was evenly contested, King�s Sutton holding there own against the wind. The play of the Middleton team had deteriorated a great deal, and their opponents were now looked upon as likely to win. A foul was given against Whetton, and then the park gained a corner, which was beautifully placed by Shouler, but Sikes fisted away. A free kick was awarded to Middleton, but this proved of little advantage, for the King�s Sutton quintet came away in good fashion, and Jones cleared just in time. His forwards took to the other end, and Sikes conceded a corner, which was fruitless. Soon afterwards Irving had a good chance, but shot weakly. J. Varney had received a kick, and limped rather badly, but he almost scored with a good shot after some tricky play. Then the King�s Sutton right got on the move, and forced a corner, which dropped just in front of goal, and was cleared with great difficulty. Draper obtained possession, and sent across the mouth of the goal, but nothing resulted. The closing stages of the opening moiety ruled in favour of Middleton, who gained a couple of corners. Once it looked as if they would score, but W. Wyatt kicked away from a shot by Priest. At the Interval the score was:

Middleton Park, 1 goal; King�s Sutton , nil

A sharp shower of rain caused the interval to be of about twenty minutes duration. When the game was re-started the wind had sunk a good deal, but, nevertheless, King�s Sutton were favoured to some extent. On the Middleton side Whetton and J. Varney changed positions, the former going centre-forward. King�s Sutton also re-arranged their team. The latter eleven at once assumed the aggressive, and the Middleton defence were kept very busy. Emberlin brought off several saves, and one or two corners were also gained, but all to no purpose. Once Emberlin threw away, and King�s Sutton claimed a goal on the ground that Emberlin, when in the act of throwing out, allowed the ball to go over the line. The King�s Sutton linesman appealed for a point, but the referee did not allow it. The attack was sustained for about five minutes, with occasional breakaways by the Middleton forwards. Then the game became more open, either side attacking in turn. W. Wyatt was injured and the game was stopped for a time. With about twenty minutes to play, and Sutton not having scored, the team began to get disheartened, with the result that in the last quarter-of-an-hour Middleton could claim the major portion of the play. However, just before the finish Sutton once more made determined efforts to score, but these were frustrated, and time was called with the score:

Middleton park, 1 goal; King�s Sutton, nil


Directly after the match, the cup was presented by the countess of Jersey to Mr Bliss, the captain of the winning team. Among those present at the ceremony were Lady Margaret Rice, Lady Beatrice Villiers, Misses Tubb, Misses Hoare, the Rev W. H. and Mrs Draper, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Page, Mr Little, etc.

Lady Jersey, in presenting the cup, congratulated the Middleton team on winning it for the second year in succession. She said the game had been well contested. They should like everybody to win, but they were also pleased that Middleton had won the trophy again. Cheers were then given for both teams.

Mr Bliss, in reply, said Middleton were certainly lucky to win, as King�s Sutton did not get as good an advantage from the wind as there opponent.

The teams then adjourned to the pavilion, where an excellent tea had been provided by the Earl of Jersey. Grace was said by the Rev W. H. Draper, and speeches on the game were given by Mr Bliss (Middleton Stoney) and Mr O. Compton (King�s Sutton).

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