15 March, 1901 at Middleton Park

Middleton Park 1 (1) -  King's Sutton 2 (0)

Referee: W. H. Piggott Linesmen: J. Gurney W. Norridge

Middleton Park: T. E. Emberlin C. Shouler A. Varney F. Bridger J. Varney T. Bliss (c) C. Tugwood M. Johnson H. Williams R. Renn, J. Clare

Middleton Park Scorers: H. Williams 1

King's Sutton: H. Sikes R. Twynham (c) G. Wyatt W. Wyatt T. Kerby J. Cousins F. Harper A. Dancer G. Reeves W. Meadows W. Harper

King's Sutton Scorers:  W. Harper 1 W. Wyatt 1

The meeting of King�s Sutton (who were the holders of the cup last year) and Middleton is always fraught with interest, and a few hundred gathered on Saturday on the ground at the Park Farm, Middleton, where the final was played. The teams lined out as follow under the charge of Mr W. H. Piggott, of Bicester, who officiated as referee in a very satisfactory manner:

Bliss won the toss, but this was of very little advantage, there being little or no wind. Reeves started the ball for King�s Sutton, who were soon attacking, and emberlin saved from F. Harper. Cousins handled the ball and from the free kick Middleton visited Sikes, but G. Wyatt cleared. The Sutton right-wing next took down F. Harper shooting across the mouth of the goal. His brother obtained possession, and on going to meet him Shouler conceded a corner, which was placed behind. For a short time King�s Sutton had the better of the exchanges, and W. Harper, being fed by W. Wyatt, shot just wide. Some good work by J. Varney resulted in the ball being transferred to the left-wing, who took up the field, but play was soon at the other end, and Shouler gave a corner. This was beautifully placed, and Emberlin had to throw away from Kerby, while Meadows later on just missed scoring with a hot shot. Clare then worked up the field and centred, but this was not taken advantage of by the Middleton forwards. Some loose play by W. Wyatt resulted in Middleton gaining a corner. Bliss took the kick and W. Wyatt headed behind. The second corner was again well placed, and the ball was not got away by Sikes charge till the latter had conceded a corner. Middleton were now forcing the game, and Kerby next gave a corner. From this F. Harper got half-way down the field, but he was checked by Shouler, who put into the mouth of goal. Still pressing, the homesters again just missed scoring through Clare, while following this the same player forced G. Wyatt to kick out. The King�s Sutton right �wing took down, but the effort was spoilt by Reeves being off-side. For a very short time there was a spell uninteresting play, the ball being put into touch several times running. Give and take play ensued for a while, until King�s Sutton took up the attack, and Emberlin saved twice in succession, and withstanding the charge made by his opponants. A corner for King�s Sutton was of no avail. Williams passed to Clare, who ran up the field and centred, and Johnson missed a possible chance of scoring. Give and take play was the order now, each side attacking in turn. Emberlin is almost charged through the goal when he was holding the ball. On the other hand Tugwood made a good run, centred and �Williams scored for Middleton� amidst loud cheering from the home partisans. The play continued even for a time, till at length King�s Sutton assumed the upper hand, and from a centre by W. Harper Meadows sent in a shot, which was thrown out by the Middleton custodian. Clare next tried for Middleton, while directly afterwards Shouler was conspicuous for some defensive work. Half-time arrived with the score : Middleton, 1 ; King�s Sutton, 0 On the restart Middleton were first to attack, but play was quickly transferred, and Emberlin had rather an axious time, till Tugwood took down, and centred, the visiting goal having a narrowing escape. A foul against Bliss relieved, but the homesters were soon back again, several shots at goal being tried. After this King�s Sutton made up their minds not to be defeated, and attacked strongly. Reeves got clear of the backs, and hit the post with a terrific shot, and as the ball rebounded into goal Emberlin fisted it out. Further pressure by Sutton was put to an end by A. Varney effecting a clearance. W. Wyatt next ran through, but shot behind. The homesters ran down and W. Harper replied, Shouler, however, stopping him. Harper again tried, and Emberlin saved magnificently. Clare was getting away with the ball when he was given offside. From the free kick F. Harper shot across the mouth of the goal, and a melee near Emberlin�s charge resulted in a corner. From the corner kick Bliss passed to Clare, who ran down this wing and centred, but Twynham kicked up the field again. A free kick was awarded. King�s Sutton owing to a foul charge by Shouler, but this was cleared by the last named player. Later on W. Wyatt put near to Emberlin, and W. Harper was about to try a shot when Shouler knocked him off the ball. Two huge kicks sent the ball near the King�s Sutton goal, but the visitors, by means of the right-wing, took up the field, and from a fine centre �W. Harper made the scores even. This player was close in, and Emberlin had no chance whatever of dealing with his shot. Both teams made strenuous attempts to obtain the lead, and after Middleton had had a look in Reeves just missed. On the homesters again getting down Cousins handled the ball about fifteen yards from the goal. Shouler took the free kick, but F. Harper was getting away with the ball when the whistle stopped him, he being off-side. This free-kick was also got away, and A. Varney missed his kick, and Emberlin had to clear. The visitors next gained two corners, which proved abortive; while, on the other hand, the visitors were subject to some pressure by the Middleton team. F. Harper tried a run, his final shot being rendered useless through Bliss charging him. Just before time Clare made a magnificent run, and it looked as if his colleagues must have scored from his centre, but what seemed inevitable did not take place, and the whistle blew for time with the score Middleton 1; Kings Sutton 1.

An extra half-hour was played. Both captains shifted their players. On the Middleton side Tugwood went centre half, Williams outside right, and J. Varney centre forward, while in the King�s Sutton team F. Harper and Dancer exchanged positions. The first half was of a very even description, and nothing particular happened. In the second portion Sikes brought off a good save from J. Varney, while Emberlin did likewise from Reeves. After some exciting play near both goals �Dike� Wyatt tricked one or two opponents and shot into the net when he was about two yards from goal, and decided the game, there being only time for the ball to be re-started.


Lord Jersey, in presenting the cup, spoke of the good feeling that had existed throughout the game, and said that it would be an example that others should take advantage of. The contest had been well fought, and nothing gave him more pleasure than to award the cup to the winners of a good game. Both teams, of course, could not win the cup, but he could say that, Middleton were encouraged by the knowledge of having such a close game. King�s Sutton could look on the cup as the prowess of her champions. On behalf of Middleton he thanked King�s Sutton for consenting to have the match played on neutral ground at Middleton. Lord Jersey then presented the cup to Mr Twynham, the captain of the King�s Sutton team. Mr Twynham said he was glad that they were taking the cup back once more, but stated that it was hard luck for Middleton to lose it during the last minute of the game. Mr O. Compton, secretary of the King�s Sutton club, also spoke. The teams were afterwards entertained to a meat tea at the Pavilion, after which the Rev W.H. Draper spoke of the spirit in which the game was played, and which set a good example to the whole neighbourhood. Lord Jersey, he said, was only present for the latter part of the game, but he ( the speaker) saw the whole of it, and despite all the excitement when one player could have taken advantage of the other, still there was always a gentlemanly spirit prevailing. He had enjoyed the game very much, and wished success to the King�s Sutton club in its future matches. Mr Draper added that the association had to thank the referee Mr Piggott, who gave his services gratuitously, and this was a great assistance to them, as the association was in rather low water. Mr O. Compton endorsed these statements, both with regard to the game and the referee

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