25 March, 1898 at Middleton Park

King's Sutton 1 -  Middleton Stoney 0

Referee: Unknown Linesmen: Unknown Unknown

King's Sutton: Unknown  

King's Sutton Scorers: Unknown

Middleton Stoney: Unknown

Middleton Stoney Scorers: 

On Saturday afternoon the final for the Earl of Jersey’s Challenge Cup was played between King’s Sutton and Middleton, on neutral ground in Middleton Park. A capital match was played in excellent spirit. King’s Sutton was better in combination, but till the last ten minutes, Emberlin’s fine goal-keeping kept them at by. The ground had been very carefully prepared and properly hurdled round, and after the match tea was provided for the rival elevens in the Cricket Pavilion by the Earl of Jersey. In his Lordship’s absence, the rev. W. H. Draper as vice-president of the association, presented the cup to King’s Sutton, with well-merited compliments on their play.

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