, 1897 at Castle Ground, Deddington

King's Sutton 8 -  Steeple Aston 0

Referee: Unknown Linesmen: Unknown Unknown

King's Sutton: Unknown  

King's Sutton Scorers: T. Kerby 6 W. Harper F. Thomas

Steeple Aston: Unknown

Steeple Aston Scorers: 

These teams met on the Castle Ground, Deddington, on Saturday. The King’s Sutton captain won the toss, and decided to defend the home goal, and Steeple Aston the pavilion end. It was soon seen that King’s Sutton meant scoring, the forwards played well together. T. Kerby sent in one of his best shots, scoring the first goal for King’s Sutton. The same player scored five more goals, W. Harper one, and F. Thomas one, the game ending in a easy win for King’s Sutton by eight goals to nil.

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