27 March, 1896 at Grounds of ADMIRAL BRADSHAW, C.B. (Steeple Aston)

Deddington (1) 1 -  Middleton Stoney (0) 0

Referee: Mr Pilkington Linesmen: J. Dickenson J. Ash

Deddington: Wilkins Turner Allen Clarke Seeney Ell Botts Stockford Wheeler Hopcraft Gardner

Deddington Scorers: Hopcraft 1

Middleton Stoney: T. Emberlin A. Varney Pitts Renn Firmidge Hadland Royds Creed Varney Stovin Webster

Middleton Stoney Scorers: 

On Saturday afternoon last the final match in the “Jersey” Challenge Cup Competition was brought off on the conveniently situated grounds of Admiral Bradshaw, C. B., at Steeple Aston. The contestants were Deddington, the holders of the cup last year, and Middleton Stoney, who, it will be remembered, won the trophy three successive years at a time when the competition was a great deal more keen than now. The fixture drew together a large number of spectators from Middleton, Deddington, the Heyfords, Steeple Aston, Bletchington, and other places, and amongst the company were the Earl of Jersey, Admiral Bradshaw, and the Rev W. H. Draper and Misses Draper. In speaking generally of the game, it may be said that neither team could boast of superiority; but Middleton, it cannot be denied, were a little off-colour in the forward rank. This gave Deddington a decided advantage, for the backs being able to do their work with only a little assistance, the forwards kept well up front, and frequently attacked the Middleton stronghold.

In the first five minutes Deddington scored a goal through the agency of Hopcraft, and singularly enough this was the only goal scored throughout the game, except one by Middleton, which was disallowed. Deddington thus won the game by one goal, and will therefore hold the cup for another year. The Middleton goalkeeper played with great judgement, and the backs, too, accomplished splendid work, whilst Webster was the most prominent in the forward division. For Deddington, the defence was faultless, the accurate kicking of the backs, being much admired. Ell played in a dashing style, and was responsible for a good many runs.

Lord Jersey, in presenting the cup, congratulated the winners on their success, and expressed the great pleasure he felt in handing over the cup again to them. His Lordship spoke in especial commendation of the play of Mr W. Turner, their captain, and added a word of praise for their energetic secretary, Mr Thomas Bennett. Mr Turner, having received the cup, returned thanks in a short and appropriate speech, and then hearty cheers were given for Lord Jersey.

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