5 April, 1895 at Castle Grounds, Deddington

Deddington 2 -  Stoke Lyne 1

Referee: Unknown Linesmen: Unknown Unknown

Deddington: Unknown  

Deddington Scorers:

Stoke Lyne: Unknown

Stoke Lyne Scorers: 

The “Jersey” Cup, the interest in which has considerably lessened owing to the continual decrease in the number of entries, has at last been won by Deddington, who succeeded in defeating King’s Sutton last month after a well contested game. It is hoped by all who take any interest in football that the committee will devise some means whereby this favourite past time may be more greatly encouraged. For instance, if such plans were adopted as existed when the cup was first presented, the interest would be resuscitated and the whole district filled with that enthusiasm which prevailed formerly. When Brackley and Bicester were allowed to compete some good matches were witnessed, and since they have been debarred from playing, the interest has gradually declined.

It will be remembered when the Bicester Harriers won the trophy, that two teams in Bicester competed, as to make matters pretty even with the villages. That season was one of the best, and to show that there was no unfairness in the teams representing Bicester, it was admitted on all sides that the Bicester Rovers were equally as good as the Harriers, although they happened to be defeated by them in the semi-final by one goal. There are other towns which no doubt would gladly enter the league, and would have no objection whatever in producing two teams as even as they could possibly make them. Therefore, it is hoped that the committee will strongly recommend, such a course at their next meeting, for unless they allow the towns within a certain radius to complete, they may rest assured that the interest will become less.

Stoke Lyne, it is understood, will not compete another year, owing to the migration of several of its principle players, including Mr C. B. Winfield, who has captained the team with much ability for some time. This will curtail the teams to less than half-a-dozen, which is a very poor outlook for 1895 – 1896. During the first three years, Middleton Stoney, who then had a very strong eleven, were successful in winning the trophy. The Bicester Harriers then came in possession of the cup for one year, and were not allowed to compete again. King’s Sutton next held it for twelve months, followed by Stoke Lyne, who showed their superiority over the other teams for three successive years. Lastly came Deddington, who just managed to lead their opponents (King’s Sutton) by one point.

On Saturday a match was played in the Castle Grounds Deddington, between the home team and members of the Stoke Lyne club. After the match, which ended in a win for Deddington by two goals to one, the “Jersey “ Challenge Cup was presented to the Deddington team by Holford C. Risley, Esq. Mr A. E. Holiday (sub captain) thanked Mr Risley for presenting the cup, and subsequently the teams, accompanied by their friends, assembled at the King’s Arms Hotel and partook of an excellent dinner prepared by the host and hostess Longworth. In the absence of Mr H. C. Risley (president), who was prevented from being present through indisposition, the chair was occupied by Major Austin, one of the vice-presidents. Amongst the company present, which numbered about 50, were Rev. H. J. Gulley, and Messrs, W. Godwin (Stoke Lyne), H. Saunders, W. Page, W. Page jun., W. Kinch, G. H. Jones, G. Coggins, W. Hawkes, T. Bennett, C. B. Winfield, -.Mumford, S. Hainsselin, R. H. Jeffrey, and A. E. Holiday. The chairman submitted the toasts of “The Queen” and The Earl of Jersey, president of the football league, which were drunk right heartily. Mr Coggins proposed the toast of the vice-presidents, which was responded to by the Chairman and Mr Kinch. The Rev. H. J. Gulley, in proposing the toast of the visitors, coupled with it the name of Mr Godwin, secretary of the league, who, in responding, said he had held that office for eight years. He was very glad that the Deddington team had won the cup this year, and he read a letter from Lord Jersey, in which his Lordship expressed his pleasure for the victory gained by Deddington, after having fought for the cup for a number of years. Mr Winfield next gave “ The Deddington Football Club,” and coupled with it the name of the sub-captain, Mr A. E. Holiday, who suitably responded. The health of the chairman was proposed by Mr Thos, Bennett (hon. Sec.) and responded to, the following gentleman contributed songs:- The chairman, and Messrs. W. Godwin, W. Hawkes, H. Harris, -. Jeacock, C. Carvill, T. W. Wheeler, J. F. Mitchell, H. Longworth etc.

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