2 March, 1894 at King's Sutton

King's Sutton (0) 0 -  Stoke Lyne (0) 1

Referee: W.H.C. Bennett Linesmen: Mr J. Bennett Mr D. Compton.

King's Sutton: Turvey Jerrams Dancer G. Kerby A. Kerby Thomas Harper Gray Tibbetts T. Kerby Rev. Metcalf

King's Sutton Scorers:

Stoke Lyne: Harwell C.B. Winfield Hickman F.B. Winfield Dickinson T. Jeacock White James J. Jeacock Roberts Peverell

Stoke Lyne Scorers:  J. Jeacock 1

These teams met at King’s Sutton on Saturday last. The weather was all that could be desired, and the ground in excellent condition. Stoke Lyne were without the help of Aries and Massey, King’s Sutton playing at full strength. King’s Sutton won the toss, and at 2-40 Stoke Lyne kicked off against sun and wind. It was soon evident that the home team would not have it all their own way and Hatwell in goal having twice cleared splendidly, seemed to stimulate the stoke Lyne backs and half backs to fresh exertions. When half time arrived and no score things looked bright for the visitors. In the second half Stoke Lyne kept the ball well up towards the King’s Sutton goal, and the result was after having stopped several shots, the Sutton goal-keeper was beaten by one from J. Jeacock. White scored directly after, but was ruled off-side by the referee. When the whistle blew the score was still one to none, leaving Stoke Lyne winners of Lord Jersey’s cup for the second year in succession. Stoke Lyne have played the same backs and half backs in every league game during the season, and their sound defence has done much towards keeping the trophy another year.

On Friday evening last the members of Stoke Lyne Football Club supped together, with a few of their friends and supporters, in the large room at the Peyton Arms Inn. The chair was taken by Mr C. W. Winfield, the captain of the team. Amongst those present besides the playing members were the Earl of Jersey (who kindly accepted an invitation to present the cup and medals), Lord Howard, Messrs. A. Tanner, W. Godwin, A. Damant, C. Gardner, E. Brain, F. Edge, W. Jeacock, J. Hillesden, S. Winfield, W. Smith, C. Cheeseman, J. Nichols and T. Marlow. An excellent repast was provided by Mr and Mrs Denney. After the supper was over, the chairman gave the toast of the queen, which was right loyally responded to, a verse of the National Anthem being sung. The Earl of Jersey then proceeded to present the cup in a speech which should not be forgotten by those who heard it for many years to come. Whilst giving a most interesting account of football and other sports as carried on abroad, his Lordship pointed out to those present the true spirit in which football should be played at home, impressing upon the Stoke Lyne players the desirability of trying to excel in everything they attempted to do, because this endeavour to excel was one of the chief things that made a good Englishman and kept their native land well to the front.

His Lordship was listened to with the greatest attention, and his remarks were repeatedly received with hearty applause. He then proceeded to present the medals to the following members of the club: - C. B. Winfield, W. Massey, L. Hickman, F. Winfield, J. Dickinson, T. Jeacock, J. Roberts, and W. Peverell. In making the presentations his Lordship shook hands with and addressed a word of congratulations to each individual player. A. Hatwell and W. Aries were unavoidably absent; but their medals were handed to the Secretary of the Association to be forwarded by him to them. Mr C. B. Winfield responded on behalf of the Stoke Lyne players, particularly remarking the great honour and pleasure they felt in receiving the cup and medals from the hands of the noble President of the Association. After Mr Winfield ‘s response the favourite football chorus was heartily rendered by all the players.

The health of the noble President was proposed by Mr A. Tanner and received with every expression of heartiness, cheers being given for Lord Jersey, Lady Jersey, Lord Villiers, and also for the House of Lords. In replying, Lord Jersey expressed the pleasure it gave him to come to Stoke, and thanked Mr Tanner for the invitation which enabled him to do so. The toast of the visitors and supporters of Stoke Lyne Football Club was proposed by Mr W. Godwin and responded to by Lord Howard. Mr Cheeseman returned thanks for the old players. Songs were sung during the evening by Lord Howard, and Messrs. W. Smith, C. Cheeseman, J. Nichols, T. Marlow, A. Tanner, E. Brain, C. Gardner, W. Jeacock, J. Jeacock, F. White and A.James. The proceedings, which thoughout were of the most enthusiastic description, concluded at 10-o clock with the singing of “Rule Britannia” and the National Anthem. It is pleasant to any football team to win a challenge cup, but to win it and then have it presented in a manner it was at Stoke Lyne last Friday night, is a circumstance which will be remembered with just pride by those who received the cup and medals as long as they live. The Earl of Jersey left the village at 10-o clock amidst the heartiest cheers of the whole company.

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