22 April, 1892 at Hethe

Stoke Lyne (0) 2 -  King's Sutton (0) 3

Referee: T Emberlin Linesmen: G. H. Page (Middleton Stoney T. Bennett (Deddington);

Stoke Lyne: W. Massey F. Jeacock J. Nicholls B. Winfield T. Jeacock F Winfield W. Aries F White L. Hickman J. Dickenson A. James

Stoke Lyne Scorers: J. Dickinson 1 L. Hickman 1

King's Sutton: W. Tustain A. Jerrams W. Tibbetts G. Kirby (c) A. Kirby A. J. Dancer W. Harper W. Meadows J. Williams J. Dancer W. J. Thomas

King's Sutton Scorers:  J. Williams 2 W. Harper

Wednesday last, April 20th, was a big day in connection with local football, as it was the final for Lord Jersey’s Challenge Cup. A short time ago the two teams met at Deddington, when a fast encounter was the order of things, the result being that it was a drawn game, after playing an additional half-hour. Thus the match had to be played a second time. The event took place on the Hethe ground. There was a large assemblage of spectators present. There was a keen cold wind blowing, and hence the shooting was a little defective. Dickinson having lost the toss, the “Ramblers” had the pick of the ground, and decided to defend the road goal. Hickman started the play, and soon after the ball was set in motion the Sutton team were very dextrous, and, but for the brilliant play of the Stoke half backs, would have certainly soon obtained a goal. The Sutton forwards made erratic kicks, otherwise they would have stood a better chance of scoring. For the first few minutes the ball was kept well within bounds of the Stoke goal until a lengthy kick at the citadel was made use of, thus enabling Stoke to have the advantage of a free kick. From the kick the leather was rapidly taken to the other end, where it remained for some time until a corner fell to Stoke. This did not prove of any value, and the ball gradually reached the other end, where one of those high dropping shots were made, which was however fisted out in fine style by Massey, whose defence in goal can be summed up in one word, magnificent. Massey now experienced a warm time of it, and several difficult shots were sent in; but he managed, by the quick manipulation of his hands, to keep it clear of goal. The Stoke team now reversed, and Aries, who played an extremely good game all through, took the ball along at a fast pace, dribbling it in a very clever manner, and then followed with a sharp shot, which was sent back again by a tremendous kick by Tibbetts. Each goal in turn several times looked dangerous; but by the excellent play of the Sutton backs and first class goal-keeping of Massey no goal was registered when half-time arrived. The feeling appeared to be that Stoke would win the cup; for they had been playing against a somewhat rough wind and a little up hill. The expectations were not, however, realised, and the excellent defence of Sutton team called forth boisterous cheers. Soon after the ball was started a goal was scored to the astonishment of all for Sutton, through the instrumentality of J.Williams. Not long after the notching of this goal, King’s Sutton again attacked. Harper, on the left, made a fast run followed by a difficult side shot, which terminated in a goal, making Sutton 2 and Stoke 0. Some very fast play now ensued and Stoke, determined not to be beaten, credited themselves with a goal, after a smart piece of play in the mouth of Sutton citadel, Hickman sending in a sharp shot. Sutton after this obtained a corner, which proved futile. The ball remained in the Stoke goal for a period, during which a fine shot was sent in, only to be repelled by Massey. Stoke now pressed, and several shots were ineffectually made, but after a smart run into the Stoke territory it returned by a sharp run down the right wing. The ball being transferred to Dickinson a goal was sure to be got, for there was no one near him to avoid shooting. He did score by a well judged kick amid the loud applause of the company, thus equalising matters. About eight minutes before time Stoke looked all like winning now, and Dickinson and Aries made strenuous efforts to do so, but time was called, the game ending in a draw. As is usual, an additional half hour was played, when both teams stoutly contested the game; but soon after the start King’s Sutton scored the winning point headed through by Williams. No more goals were registered, and the score was King’s Sutton 3 and Stoke Lyne 2 goals. The cup was presented to the captain of the King’s Sutton team, with a bronze medal to each individual, by the Rev A.R. Price, rector of Hethe, who entertained the competitors to a substantial tea in the school room. The cup has been offered for competition for five years. The first three Middleton were successful, the forth year the Bicester Harriers, and the fifth year King’s Sutton

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