6 May, 1927 at Bicester Ground

Launton (0) 1 -  Bletchingdon (1) 2

Referee: J. Dance Linesmen: Unknown

Launton: S Sansome R Deeley T. Ancil H. Penn H. Foster W.Austin J.Penn J.Marriot J. Jeacock A. Phipps F. Massey

Launton Scorers: J. Jeacock 1

Bletchingdon (1) 2: B. Fitzroy A. Taylor G. Savin H. Kenny F. Saunder H. Savin H. Wing J. Kenny F. Savin L. Taylor J. Barrett.

Bletchingdon (1) 2 Scorers:  L. Taylor 2

The Jersey Cup final between Launton and Bletchingdon came off on Saturday on the Bicester ground before a crowd of about 1,200. An interesting game ended in Bletchingdon carrying off the trophy though they were fortunate to win by 2 1. Launton gave a much better display than they did in the Bicester Charity Cup, and by moving Foster to centre-half did a wise thing, for he was easily the best half on the field. J Jeacock came into the team at centre-forward, instead of his brother, who was ineligible, and the former played a hard working game, though he lacked support. Bletchingdon gave a moderate display, and their backs were very weak under pressure. Mr J. Dance had control of the game.

Bletchingdon winning the toss, had the sun and slight breeze at their backs. Launton were first to be dangerous, Fitzroy clearing, Taylor and Barrett transferred play, but Foster intervened and cleared. Jeacock made a determined dribble, but numbers told and he was checked. Launton kept up the pressure, and should have scored when Penn placed across the Bletchingdon goal, where Marriott stood unmarked. The inside right trapped the ball and steadied himself, but shot straight at Fitzroy who cleared. Immediately after Jeacock put Marriott through again but the latter shot wide. Bletchingdon were not convincing, the Launton backs clearing with ease. The Launton goal had a narrow escape when, with Sansome out, L. Taylor shot in, Ancil kicking from off the goal line. Eventually, after some desultory play, L. Taylor receiving from Barrett, gave Bletchingdon the Lead, though it was with a poor shot. Launton exerted great pressure in their efforts to draw level, but the Bletchingdon defence, though very shaky, held out. Jeacock was responsible for some clever work, but he received little support. Penn placed across the Bletchingdon goal, where Marriott again failed to make use of a good chance. Play continued even for a time, neither custodians being seriously troubled.

Half-time: Bletchingdon 1; Launton 0.

The second-half was very even, first one goal would be under bombardment then the other. Neither goalie was troubled much, and dealt safely with everything that came his way. Launton made an attack, Phipps going well through when he was pushed over by Savin. From the resultant penalty kick Jeacock equalised with a great shot. This woke Launton up, and were decidedly unlucky on several occasions. The two wingers sent across many fine centres, which were disposed of with difficulty. For a long period Launton pressed, but no more scoring looked likely. Bletchingdon had a little more of the play, and Sansome was kept busy, but nothing resulted until two minutes from time, when G. Savin punted the ball toward the Launton goal, and L. Taylor, running between the backs, scored the winning goal. Result Bletchingdon 2; Launton 1. At the conclusion of the game, Lord Valentia presented the cup and medals.

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